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Universal Heating Services

Universal Heating Services - Oil Fired Boiler Servicing

Universal Heating Supplies was established in 1965 as a heating service and maintenance company specialising in oil-fired boilers, expanding into complete heating / plumbing installations.
Universal Heating Services undertake the installation, repair, supply, maintenance and replacement of all types of boilers and heating systems. Fuelled by oil or gas, our specialist engineers are able to install the most efficient heating system for your home, office, shop or business premises.

Boiler Servicing

Universal Heating Services' accredited professional engineers undertake the servicing and maintenance of our customers' boiler systems. As Worcester-Bosch group accredited installers and boiler servicing engineers we provide the annual servicing of gas and oil boilers to help keep them working safely and efficiently.

Regular Annual Boiler Servicing

Universal Heating Services can arrange to check and service your boiler every year. If you sign up for a regular annual maintenance service we will contact you when your service check is due. This enables us to undertake preventive maintenance, replace part before they fail and avoid boiler failure or even replacement, which can be very expensive.

Water Heaters

Direct heated water heaters are convenient and space saving ways to heat water. These water heaters are available from several manufacturers and are designed and manufactured to meet a range of different water heating needs.

Self Contained Storage Water Heaters

This type of self contained water heater is usually suited to larger homes and commercial properties as they normally take water from storage tanks, although they can however take their water supply directly from the cold water main. The heating method is rather like a conventional cylinder with a gas or oil burner built-in and they have proven efficiency as water heaters.

Instantaneous 'Multi-point' Gas Water Heaters

Multi-point gas water heaters take water directly from the cold water supply main and heat it before feeding it into the hot water taps around the house.
Multi-point water heaters are efficient and especially cost effective for water heating in small to medium sized properties or commercial kitchens, as they never run out of hot water. The drawback to this method of water heating is that the water flow rate is limited and so less favourable where hot water is required in two places at the same time.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters are a very flexible way obtaining hot-water in the home. They can be supplied as instantaneous types (3kW rating for simple hand washing or 7kW for more lengthy requirements.

Worcester Bosch Gas & Oil Fired Boilers

Universal Heating Services are accredited installers for Worcester-Bosch products. We install and maintain the range of Worcester Bosch high quality, high efficiency gas and oil fired Boilers.

5 Year Gas / Oil Boiler Warranty

When we install a Worcester Bosch boiler, our customer has the additional peace of mind of a five-year parts and labour warranty on their boiler, subject to the boiler being serviced annually by us.

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