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Home Heating Oil, Red Diesel & Coal Delivery Dundrum, Rossglass & Comber

Home Heating Oil, Red Diesel & Coal, Dundrum, Rossglass, Comber

At Strangford Fuels, we know how important it is to keep your home in parts of Ireland like Dundrum, Rossglass and Comber, warm and comfortable, which is why we provide home heating oil and other fuels at affordable prices when you need it. We are a family business with over 35 years experience, and a talent for giving customers what they want. A warm home is important not just for comfort but for good health, and to avoid problems such as damp and mould, especially in the colder months.

We also offer Exocet Home Heating Oil Fuel Additive, which stabilisers the fuel for exceptional performance. The formulation not only boosts the efficiency of your boiler, but protects against fuel degradation and corrosion of metal pipes and other parts. This economical additive reduces the build up of sludge and deposits, while lowering carbon emissions. The advantages of Exocet fuel additive mean fuel stays fresher for a longer period, and boilers run more smoothly.

Fuel Oil for Boats in Irish Coastal Locations

Thousands of customers rely on our service, and can order our high quality heating products online too, meaning fast, easy and reliable results. Our modern tankers will deliver all of your marine fuel needs in coastal locations and areas of Ireland such as Dundrum, Rossglass and Comber.

The addition of our modern oil depot at Downpatrick allows us to collect our deliveries in bulk, from the main fuel oil terminal in Belfast Harbour. This means cost savings which we simply pass on to our home heating oil and red diesel customers. It also of course means a faster turn around time keeping our customers happy.

Energy Efficient, Cost Effective Multi Fuel Fires & Stoves

Multi Fuel Stoves and Fires from Strangford Fuels, have become incredibly popular with customers, not only due to their excellent versatility and heating capacity, but for their chic appearance. Names like Sperrin, Bohemia, Newbourne and Blacksmith demonstrate high performance along with cutting edge technology.

Energy efficient multi fuel fires and stoves are available as free standing or inset, with a range of sizes and specifications. They will burn a variety of materials including wood, coal, peat, briquettes, turf and anthracite. This means you can heat your home in a clean, environmentally friendly way with our selection of boiler or non boiler multi fuel stoves.

The Manor Mill Laundry at Dundrum, Rossglass Beach & Industrious Comber

The Manor Mill Laundry at Dundrum was a major employer in the Dublin area in 1905, whose founder, Quaker businessman Thomas Edmondson, changed the face of this type of establishment, by providing a living wage for his workers. Those who live near Rossglass beach can stretch their legs along this extensive seaside location which features a popular coastal path.

The town of Comber was established by the 1700's as an industrial centre with several mills, which in later years re-established itself as a commuter town serving the Belfast area. It had also been a major whiskey and linen producer, and processing of grain. We serve all of these places and others throughout Ireland with our high quality home heating product.

Home Heating Oil, Red Diesel & Coal Delivery Dundrum, Rossglass & Comber, Fuel Oil for Boats in Irish Coastal Locations. Energy Efficient, Cost Effective Multi Fuel Fires & Stoves. The Manor Mill Laundry at Dundrum, Rossglass Beach & Industrious Comber

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